So this page is a list of different things (plays, artists, bands, movies, etc.) that I like and want others to have a chance to experience. It is updated regularly, so be sure to check in!

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The View Upstairs

I had the pleasure of seeing this new musical at the Lynn Redgrave Theater a few weeks ago. Knowing about Max Vernon's work, it was important to me that I saw it while in the city. This production is outstanding. The second the audience enters the theatre they are transported to the UpStairs Lounge, a gay club in New Orleans operating in the early 70s. This story is important because it brings to light important issues that the LGBTQ+ community still experiences today. I would recommend this show to anyone, and hope to see it again if I get the chance. 

The Magicians

This TV show on Syfy is so good. Like. So good. It's just a modern, real, gritty story about what the world would be like if magic was real. The stories and plots are intricate and the pacing is wonderful. I have been hooked so I've just been watching every week when I can. 


American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I am currently reading this book and it is wonderful. I love the writing style of Neil Gaiman and I am aiming to finish it before the eight episode mini-series starts on Starz.