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Golden Girls the Musical

One day I was watching TV with my friend Colin Brooks and we both had the thought, "Wouldn't the Golden Girls make a good musical?". And so we began to write.

This is an original musical adaptation of the hit 80's TV show The Golden Girls. Join your favorite ladies in an original story created by Colin Brooks and Benjamin Walton.

Book by Colin Brooks, Music by Benjamin Walton, Lyrics by Brooks & Walton

Originally produced by Project Spotlight at the University of Central Florida. March 2-4, 2017. 

Anything but Crazy: a Song Cycle

This is an ongoing song cycle I have been working on since the start of my senior year at the University of Central Florida as a part of my undergraduate thesis. All the songs have to do with mental illnesses in one way or another and all work towards the destigmatization of mental illnesses by asking the audience to identify with the material. 

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